Jun 12, 2017
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2017 Liquor/Tobacco Apps.
Jun 12, 2017
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Special Fire Warning Notice
May 29, 2017
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Notice Board abandonment
May 22, 2017
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From Ken Sample-May 2017

The town board is starting a process where a voluntary work session will precede the regularly scheduled town board meeting.  The work session will allow for preparation for future or current agenda items, fullfill tasks assigned by previously approved motions and participate in training sessions.  A quorum may be present but no motions can be made or acted upon.  Transparency and compliance with the open meeting law is a priority.

In a survey conducted for our towns, Comprehensive Plan, a statement was presented, “ A major goal should be the maintenance and improvement of roads.”  25.5% were unsure but 31.8% and 30% agreed or strongly agreed.

Another statement, “ I am willing to pay more taxes to fund better roads and road maintenance” was presented and 25% were unsure but 35.2% and 17.4% strongly disagreed or disagreed.

The following paraphrases WI. Town Assn. data on intervals and costs.

The life cycle of a newly paved road is 40-70 years.  To attain that level of longevity it is essential that periodic maintenance be performed, such as;

·         Crack filling at 3 year intervals at a cost of $10,000/mile

·         Sealing at 5-7 years at a cost of $26,500/mile

·         Overlay at 20-35 years at a cost of $83,000/mile

Without this periodic maintenance the road longevity may be reduced to 20-25 years and the renewal or reconstruction cost are $180,000/mile.

Apple River has 49 miles of paved road with less than a $200,000 annual budget that also has expenses for winter maintenance, ditch mowing and other related expenses. The problem seems obvious!!

Our legislators are aware of the serious town road infrastructure problem but a remedy or time frame for addressing the problem is still pending. The town cannot address this serious problem with local resources only.  Please contact your State Representative Adam Jarchow at 608-267-2365 or or Senator Sheila Harsdorf at 608-267-0369 or

To share your views on this very important matter.