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Apple River Fire Department
Oct 28, 2017

Apple River Fire Department

The volunteer Apple River Fire Department has been servicing our town since 1957.  Their commitment to maintaining a fleet of vehicles, the buildings that house them and the training required to be a qualified firefighter and/or 1st Responder is huge and worthy of our appreciation.

Current times are presenting some significant challenges in finances and the ability to meet certain staffing needs.

We need to employ methods that help us attract and retain personnel so we can have an effective and responsive department.  There are two particular areas that need to be addressed.

1. If you qualify and can serve during the normal works hours 7AM to 5PM you are needed.

2. Fire department personnel contribute a large portion of their personal time to be a fire fighter. They need administrative assistance in processing paper work between the Town Board, other county or state identities and the Fire Department.  If you have some administrative skills to volunteer please contact a member of the fire department or town board.

Respectfully submitted by Ken Sample, Supervisor

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