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Prairie Oaks Memorial Eco Garden
Jul 17, 2018

Praire Oaks representatives filed a Writ of Certiorari within the alotted timeframe regarding the BOA decision of declining the application on 6-12-18.  A summons was issued that requires the BOA to respond to queries made by Prarie Oaks within 20 days.  Once satisfied, the judicial clerk will schedule a date for the judge to hear the matter based on calendar vacancies.  Legal counsel for the county will be notified and may handle the case themselves or farm the task out to other legal counsel.  The Town of Apple River has no access or input on the court appeal as the board is in support of the BOA decision.  The judge will review in the context of procedure adhering to statute and will either support the BOA decision or vacate the decision which would kick the process back to open hearings.  The above suggests this will not be a quick process and further updates will be included in the Town of Apple River regular minutes.  Thank you for your interest and participation in local government. Posted on behalf of the town boarn by Ken Sample

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